ZanzibarHouses is love for Zanzibar

We at ZanzibarHouses can boast our wide and complete knowledge of Zanzibar, its culture, its history, its heritage, apart from a ten-year experience in tourism. Therefore, we are able to fulfil and satisfy any need or request from our customers, allowing them to live wholly all the wonders of this Island.

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Real estate agency

ZanzibarHouses Ltd. is the only Zanzibar-based company, leader in consultancy services completely focused on those who want to invest in this beautiful Island.

Our agency offers a wide range of solutions and opportunities, able to completely satisfy any of your needs and requests.

Our core business is the sale and purchase of real estates, lands, business estates as well as real estate consultancy and real estate investments.

Our business philosophy is based on professionality and correctness; we put at your service our deep knowledge of the territory, our integrity, our experience and our enthusiasm.

We at ZanzibarHouses will be always on your side, in order to help you make your dream of owning a home in Zanzibar come true or realize the project you’ve been thinking of.

The experience and seriousness we are proud of putting at your service will allow us to be at the same time reliable consultants and fair and discreet partners.

Furthermore, ZanzibarHouses deals with complete management of apartments, villas, residences, Commercial Malls and business estates for those people who – being already real estate owners – want their estates to be managed at their best in order to both maintain their value and create profit.

Tour operator

Our agency also organises the most beautiful and interesting excursions one can enjoy in Zanzibar: kite surf, diving trips, customised tours and above all the breathtaking and unforgettable luxury Safari in Tanzania.

 After having enjoyed the vacation of your life in one of our amazing villas, should the Longing for Africa affect your heart, ZanzibarHouses can help you in realising your dream of owning a house in Zanzibar: we are always at our customers’ disposal for any information, question and/or need.


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