Indian Ocean

Diving tour


Visiting the underwater world of Zanzibar is an adventure absolutely not to be missed.

Even if almost every beach can be a starting point for a snokeling trip, the best diving site of the Island is undoubtedly Menmba Island, located in the northeastern part of Zanzibar.

As soon as you put your head underwater, sea turtles, dolphins, huge groupers and reef sharks will accompany you during your dive, while you watch the colorful corals and the fauna dwelling around them. It is no coincidence that Mnemba is considered the Heaven for the underwater photography enthusiasts; during every dive you will be accompanied by a scuba dive instructor of the most important dive company in Zanzibar: One Ocean 5-star PADI Center. This scuba dive center can organise any kind of diving trip, from the easiest snorkeling to deep dives. Should you fall in love with this wonderful sport, One Ocean offers diving courses with PADI teaching programme, from the open Water to Dive Master license.

You simply cannot leave Zanzibar without having at least thrown a glimpse to its amazing underwater world.


Kite surf


Among the other things, Zanzibar is THE dream place for kite surfing: shallow blue waters, endless white beaches and constant winds…the east coast of Zanzibar really looks like as it had been especially designed for kitesurfing. The winds blowing on the Indian Ocean create the perfect conditions for practising or learning this wonderful sport safely and having fun.

Jungle Kite, a kitesurfing school born in Zanzibar in 2009, has soon reached the top of the range among the kitesurfing schools of the Island. The instructors of Jungle Kite will teach you this wonderful sport adopting a teaching programme based on international standards and thoroughly checked and improved during the years.


Kendwa sunset

A relaxing drink in a breathtaking location.

Kendwa is an area located in the North of Zanzibar, famous for its white beaches and amazing sunsets: a compulsory stopover for sea-lovers, photo-lovers…and booze-lovers!

Enjoy your drink and the beautiful sunset, and continue the night with a mouthwatering fish dinner in one of the many restaurant of Kendwa. And if you’re really a night creature, after the dinner an unbelievable number of bars and clubs are waiting for you. When you decide to call it a night, your driver will be ready to take you home in complete safety.


Prison Island

An exciting mixture of nature, animals and history a few miles from the coast of Zanzibar.

From the port of Stone Town, a half-hour sail on the typical dhow boats will land you on the amazing white beach of Prison Island.

There, you will meet the friendly tortoises that have been living on this island for more than 150 years. After having visited the ancient prisons, now declared Historical Monument, we will set sail to a small sand strecht, where we will explore the amazing coral reef and lay in the sun waiting for the excellent lunch, based on fish and fresh fruit, that you will enjoy in the shadow of local kangas, colorful sheet that will protect you from the sun.


Blue Safari

Board a dhow, the typical local boat, and come with us to discover the beautiful nature that surrounds Zanzibar.

During the journey, we will explore the beautiful Menai Bay, teeming with dolphins. We will then arrive to an amazing sand stretch, starting point of a guided snorkeling.

Lunch will be served on Kwale island: a mouthwatering fish BBQ, together with plenty of tropical fruits.

After the lunch, we will gather around the Centuries-old Baobab and, if the tide is right, we will swim within the fascinating mangrove forest.


Dolphins at Kizimkazi

Kizimkazi is a small fishermen village, but also the starting point of an unforgettable journey aimed to discover the Indian Ocean, particularly dedicated to those who love snorkeling, open sea swimming…and dolphins!

The small boats, skillfully operated by the fishermen, are the best way to come close to these magnificent mammals, without disturbing them.

And…don’t forget your camera!