Zanzibar’s beating heart

Jozani forest Jozani Foresti is the only primeval forest of the island. An unspoiled landscape larger than 2,400 hectars (about 9,000 acres) is home of many troops of both Red Colobus, Zanzibar’s endemic monkey, and Diademed Cercopithecus. These colorful monkeys are famous for their curiosity, and it will be absolutely normal seeing them coming close […]

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Indian Ocean

Diving tour Visiting the underwater world of Zanzibar is an adventure absolutely not to be missed. Even if almost every beach can be a starting point for a snokeling trip, the best diving site of the Island is undoubtedly Menmba Island, located in the northeastern part of Zanzibar. As soon as you put your head […]

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“Safari” is the magical word that will transform an already beautiful vacation in an unforgettable milestone of your life. An internal flight from Zanzibar to mainland Tanzania will be the starting point of this adventure: a photo safari in Selous National Park, the largest in the world. In this huge, completely unspoiled land lives the […]

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