Matemwe Land

Matemwe Land - Matemwe, Regione di Zanzibar Nord, Tanzania


Area: 2,994 mq


This truly exceptional beachfront plot of prime land – 48 to 44 m wide by 70-60m long – has become available on Matemwe’s breathtakingly beautiful, palm fringed, pure white sand beach that stretches for miles along the stunning lagoon of the northeast coast of Zanzibar. Offers are being sought for all or half of the land, i.e. 25m of beachfront, depending on the acquirer’s requirements.

Positioned some 100m to the South of the last village house (and thus outside the bustling village itself), the plot – Mnazi Mrefu (“tall palms” in Ki-Swahili) – offers a unique package for an international buyer seeking absolute security of purchase for a villa or hotel development in the most coveted area of Zanzibar. The current owner, who is British, purchased the plot from its original owners in the village during early 2011 with a complete set of documentation, including a Purchase Agreement stamped & counter-signed by Matemwe’s Shea (Government-appointed local Council Leader), the area’s Diwani (Governor) and District Commissioner (senior local civil servant ). Mnazi Mrefu also has a Government generated and registered Site Plan and Topographical Survey as well as a Land Transfer Certificate confirming the transfer of the plot from its previous to current owner, as registered at the Ministry of Land. All documentation is available upon request.

NB: Please note the official site plan for the plot only includes the area where permanent buildings (made of masonry) can be constructed. Building on the additional land abutting the beach is restricted to non-permananet local “makuti’ style buildings of wood and palm thatch. This area is approximately 45m (front) by 10m (sides).


Matemwe, Zanzibar North Region, Tanzania