The Park Village - Residentail Developmetn - Kiwengwa

  • Land
  • Private Complex
  • Building
  • Land Lease Agreement 33+33+33
  • Zipa project and certificate

The Residential Complex “The Park Village” will cover a total area of more than 40.000 sqm., bordered by one of the most important roads in Zanzibar on one side, and the beach facing the Indian Ocean on the other; the location is one of the most beautiful spots in Kiwengwa, exactly in front of a mesmerizing stretch of white sand which only emerges during the low tide period.

“The Park Village” will be a private and exclusive estate, patrolled 24/7 by professional guards, who will allow the entrance to the property only and exclusively to the owners of the residential units.

The complex will be crossed by wide avenues, shaded by beautiful palm trees and enriched by flowers and tropical vegetation; here, the first 31 residential units will be realized, each one designed and conceived in order to provide privacy, quiet and luxury.

Inside the Complex, a large common area will be realized, for the exclusive use by the owners, featuring a playground for children, dog area, public parking and a multipurpose sport ground.

Getting closer and closer to the beach, one will reach the most exclusive area of the Park Village, where the most prestigious 15 lots will be located; their multi-level design and layout has been thoroughly planned in order to grant to each unit a breathtaking oceanview.

The entire project will be realized on an rocky-based area located about 20/30 mt above the sea level and 30 mt far from the seaside; a private staircase, patrolled 24/7, will grant the direct access to the beach. 

Moreover, all the plots will be placed on different level, thus granting both a pleasant harmony for the entire Complex and a beautiful ocean view from every corner.

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