Zanzibar’s beating heart

Jozani forest

Jozani Foresti is the only primeval forest of the island. An unspoiled landscape larger than 2,400 hectars (about 9,000 acres) is home of many troops of both Red Colobus, Zanzibar’s endemic monkey, and Diademed Cercopithecus.

These colorful monkeys are famous for their curiosity, and it will be absolutely normal seeing them coming close to visitors: they are also quite diffident, though, so touching them is not an easy task.

We will wander among the majestic trees of the Forest, and we will be able to appreciate the beauty of mahogany, plane trees, ferns and many other species. Our journey will be concluded walking along a trail within the mangrove forest.

Spice tour


A close encounter with traditions and culture

In this half-day journey we will visit an authentic local village, where we will be able to experience the true Zanzibar life, outside the glossy world of resorts and five-star hotels.

We will meet Zanzibar’s wood inlayers, the most skilled craftsmen, and we will have the opportunity of buying their true local traditional craft products.

Our journey will continue among orchards and spice cultivations, where their growers will explain to you the secrets of the most famous and perfumed spices, and you’ll be able to buy the ones you like directly from them.

The journey will end with a mouthwatering tasting of tropical fruit.

Stone town


Stone Town is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating spots of the entire Island.

The Old Town is a maze of winding alleys, lined with whitewashed coral houses; beyond every corner you will discover picturesque images, colorful (and strong-scented) markets, sellers, craftsmen and people who seems to come directly straight out of a “Thousand and One Nights” tale.

The afternoon will be dedicated to the visit of the city and its palaces, oozing history and culture: the Wonder Palace, the Arab Fort, the Anglican Church and the magnificently carved portals. The rock music lovers should not miss a proper stop in front of the house where, in 1946, the late Freddie Mercury was born.

Our tour will end with a free shopping time among the alleys of the Town-made-of-stone; here, you will have the opportunity of buying the famous Tanzanite.

Then, relaxing and waiting for the striking sunset, we will enjoy an excellent drink at Africa House’s.

Quad adventure


An off-road adventure in the wildest areas of Zanzibar

Every day, in the morning or in the afternoon, you will have the chance of driving a Quad through an interesting itinerary, winding along different landscapes. You will drive through typical Zanzibarian villages, sugar cane plantations, banana groves, spice fields and, above all, breathtaking century-old baobabs: an unique opportunity for discovering the most secluded areas of this beautiful Island.

During the journey you will stop and meet people, visit some homes, learn the “real reality” of Zanzibar, taste tropical fruit offered by the older women of the village and, above all, be surrounded by multitudes of children: don’t forget pencils, pens and candies!


Customized tours

Create your own vacation!

The above mentioned programs and proposals just represent an accurate choice of the many wonders Zanzibar is able to offer.

If you would rather discover the Island by yourself, in complete safety and comfort, the most hidden secrets of the Spice Island, then a customised tour could be your best choice: Italian- and English speaking guides, reliable, experienced and ready to satisfy any request from yours; every tour is fully protected by an international insurance.


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